We, the team at Bolton Bargains, would like to take the time to thank each and every one of our valued customers for the incredible experience of being your lowest priced, one-stop shop in the Bolton area, We have come to know our customers as friends, and we will forever value the smiles and compliments we get from you all. We will be opening a pop-up shop, (please keep an eye out on Facebook), and we intend on getting to see all of our familiar customers as well as some new faces! With a heavy heart, we bid thee farewell. This is not a goodbye, it is a see you later. From the staff at Bolton Bargains.
The store will be open until Saturday, October 26, 2019 @ 5:00 pm. 50% off almost everything in store ONLY, excluding televisions, refrigerators, Christmas, tools & electronics.
Anything with a function that is not manually utilized needs to be maintained in order to ensure a proper function. Here at Bolton Bargains, our tech team works hard to ensure your problems turn into a solution. Here is some tips on some product troubleshooting (if applicable):
Roomba: A robotic such as a Roomba must always be well kept. This means it should be cleaned, have a fresh filter every other month (depending on the environment), and have any debris cleaned from the wheel wells & battery pack. The sensors are also very important for the machines function. To ensure working sensors, cleaning the metallic strips (sensors) under the unit and on the docking station can fix issues such as charging and/or docking. DO NOT put water on or near the Roomba! Remember, this unit is made up of many electrical components and circuits, so water damage can ruin the entire units function. Won't turn on? Please remember to take out the plastic tape ribbon used to prevent the battery from draining while in transit. Simply pull on the tab OR slightly unscrew the battery pack & remove the ribbon.
Braava 240: Although this unit was designed to help mop your floors, you shouldn't allow water to go near the top or the battery pack of the unit. When pouring water into the unit, ensure it is directly under the tap, aiming at the water holder OR use a measuring cup with a lip for a precise pour. Cleaning the pads sensor located directly underneath the unit periodically will ensure longevity.
Refrigerators/Mini Fridge/Chest Freezers: Make sure if you purchase a large appliance with a gas function, you do not lay it down on its side or back upon transport. If you do, wait 24-48 hours to turn on the unit. If you do not wait this time interval you could potentially ruin the unit. We do and will advise our customers upon pickup, if they choose to lay it down or on its side and decide to turn on the unit immediately, we are NOT responsible for any defects or issues as we had advised the consequences of so.

Local deliveries are offered around the GTA.  We ensure quality care when handling customer orders. An email will be sent to notify the customer of the tracking number and courier services. We do require 1-3 business days to ship items and ensure the proper quality care.  If a customer chooses to pick up there order, there is an option at the check out that states "IN STORE PICKUP". This way, customers save on the shipping & see the exclusive in store deals.



We at Bolton Bargains offer a 7-day money back GUARANTEED for products with a function. All product must be returned in the same condition purchased with all parts and accessories. Proof of purchase must be presented at time of return. Customer misuse VOIDS the return.


Online deliveries will receive a tracking number provided by us through a courier. It will be emailed to your account and customers are urged to check on their shipments frequently. All packages sent out will require a signature upon delivery. If the customer has anymore questions or concerns about their order, they are welcomed to email shop@bolton.bargains and one of our customer representatives will answer their emails on the same day, before 5pm.


 Returns are based on functionality of a unit. We do check packages for all parts and pieces and for proof of purchase. Damage caused by the customer will not be accepted.

Warranties vary with individual products. Warranties vary from 3-6-12 months depending on the items. All items under warranty must have a receipt or proof of purchase in order to be serviced. We do recommend our customers take a picture of their receipt if they purchase an item with a warranty to ensure that they use every bit of their warranty with us here at Bolton Bargains.


We do not give out any customer information to any outside sources. We do not keep records of customers transactions or personal banking information.  We do not ask customers for private information that does not pertain to the customers purchase. 100% anonymity.




We encourage all to send us an email at shop@bolton.bargains or call/text us at 647-712-8111 to inquire about pricing, shipping or product information.

If customers decide to come to our store location, 25 Nixon Road Bolton, ON, we are more then happy to help customers with questions, even showing them the product before purchasing. If the customer would like to have the items checked, we do ask for 15 minutes during this process. We do suggest you roam the store and look out for deals as this process is underway.



90-Day Service Warranty on Televisions,

30-Day Service Warranty on Scratch/Dent Microwaves,

6-Month Service Warranty on Roomba Products.

30-Day Service Warranty on Tools.

6-Month Service Warranty on Brand New, Boxed Microwaves.